On Being a Christian in College


That’s right, guys. I’m in college. In fact, I’m only 18 years old. But I love the Lord and that’s all that matters.

Being a Christian in college is quite a difficult accomplishment. However, I have managed this far. How did I do that? Well, I found a fellowship on campus. And without them, I never would have grown closer to God at school with all the temptation. But with them, I got closer to God and got a group of friends that I can rely on whenever I need someone to pray with, read the bible with, or just laugh with. The group I joined is called InterVarsity and they have, in short, been a tremendous blessing to me.

Every Tuesday, we have small group meeting. In small group, we have a student leader and he or she guides us through talking about the bible and how it relates to our lives and any personal issues we may be going through. Small group is great because it allows you to get personal and as a result, you get this amazing bond with your small group members.

Every Thursday, everyone comes together to sing and worship in our large group meeting. In large group, we have a speaker along with several worship songs. This gets everyone in the mood to serve God and after a ling week at school, it’s the perfect release. Let me tell you, when you’re young, there’s absolutely nothing like looking around you and seeing your peers happily and eagerly worshipping the same God that you serve. To know that other young people follow God and want to be on fire for Him is just the best feeling.

So, if anyone in college is reading this and your school has InterVarsity, I encourage you to get involved. I promise you, it will change your life!

~Xena Callaham
Do better. Think better. Be better.

2 thoughts on “On Being a Christian in College

  1. Good for you! Just keep the faith. I almost succumbed, not to the drinking and freedom, but to the liberal education that denies God and creation. While I know you have plenty of reading to do, check out 2 books: The Answers Book by Ken Ham and The Exodus Case by Dr, Lennart Moller. Science and archeology that support Christianity. You won’t regret getting them!


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